3 Ekim 2012 Çarşamba

Early Menopause Is Linked to Heart Risk

In a new analysis of a multiethnic population, early menopause has been shown to be associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. The study, in the October issue of Menopause, looked at 2,509 white, Chinese, black and Hispanic women ages 45 to 84. All were healthy at the start of the study, and researchers followed them for an average of about five years. The 693 women who reported reaching menopause, naturally or surgically, at 46 or younger had about twice the risk for stroke or heart disease compared with those who reached menopause at an older age, the researchers found. The authors controlled for many factors but acknowledged that their study depended on self-reports of the age of menopause, which are not always accurate. The lead author, Dr. Melissa Wellons, an assistant professor of endocrinology at Vanderbilt who did the work when she was at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, said the mechanism was unclear. It is possible that certain factors, genetic or otherwise, contribute to both cardiovascular risk and early menopause. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAT9lu5vvxs afleurs.net wellsww.com fukuyamajapan.com nhiconsulting.com videonymph.com an2003.com hiwayhifionline.com anitagrier.com cwauctions.com sonyworld.net femalegirdle.com lamisionera2.com

2 Ekim 2012 Salı

Lost Language Department – Up The Stairs

It’s been sort of a rough week for my head. It seems as though I’m not only losing my English but simultaneously sucking at Spanish. I guess the English started slipping over time and with such immersion, it’s only a matter of time before the grammar starts to go. According to my dad, my blogs are getting sloppier and sloppier. I now speak no language well. It’s been sort of a rough week for my head. It seems as though I’m not only losing my English but simultaneously sucking at Spanish. Canada flag, Photo by Sam Daams Last week when I spent the afternoon at an estancia with my job, assisting Canadian tourists, I could see how my English was exaggerated and forced. It seemed like I was subconsciously speaking with a slight Spanish accent. But why? I guess because the majority of the time that I hear English (not counting TV), it comes from a second language speaker. So over time, I’ve forgotten what English should actually sound like and naturally correct myself when a mistake is made. Basically, I spend all day in a Spanish speaking environment and either come home and continue in Spanish or don’t speak to anyone else. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyyX-G4keUQ analogism.net gibhardt.org escortia.org europehouse.org europehouse.net webhouseclub.org andmagazine.org shopwatch.org habessos.com afleurs.net

Visit The Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Plant

At the urging of a couple books and online articles I’ve read in the past months, I finally started a Bucket List, or a list of things I want to do before I die. One of the reasons for starting this list was to re-energize; to remember that feeling of being a kid and wanting with abandon because it’s inspiring. There’s a certain amount of harm we cause ourselves always being grown up and tampering our desires with reality. That’s why most of us travel: to escape the everyday and feel like we’re checking off some of those things on our own Bucket Lists. In writing out my wants I started listing things like “Gift wrap my own presents” and “Learn how to bake better” and my energy was suddenly doused by feelings of mediocrity. “Climb a mountain” and “Own a house abroad” were things that belong on a bucket list; things to be accomplished. But handicrafts and adult ed suddenly struck me as terribly mundane, and worse, even silly. What kind of a person would I be if I let my aspirations go the way of a Home Economics class and not out somewhere in the Wild Beyond? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQcTwtDxDcY bigsexpass.com sportco.org wyldgirls.com girlsmood.com usagirls.org adultmania.org adultpartners.org 69adult.org teenhopeline.org vandersteen.org

Teaching the Rich in Moscow

I did some teaching at a mega rich Russian family a few weeks ago. A driver collected me and drove me to the house outside Moscow. After some forty minutes we arrived, I got out the Mercedes, was shown to a big metal front gate with security cameras on each side and I was led inside. I was met by two large security guards and asked to walk to the house. I made my way along a red winding brick path that cut through pine and silver birch trees through a silent landscaped garden. As I approached, I was met by a vast house rising out of the ground in between the trees. It was made of glass and wood and looked as if it was growing out of the raw forest ground. I went inside through the glass front doors and waited nervously on the marble steps. I was greeted by a maid who took my coat and gave me some slippers. She showed me to a seating area and I followed her silently across the marble floor to a sunken reception area that had three vast six-seater sofas and a white grand piano. I sat down on the soft royal cushions and waited to meet my young student. He arrived and shook my hand. Teddy Bears I was to teach a very confident seven year old boy, we went upstairs to his round play room and he told me he wanted to just read for half an hour and that we would then play. His playroom had more toys in it than a small toyshop. We read, then he led me down a big marble spiral staircase to his indoor football pitch. We played soft football, then ping-pong, then snooker, then darts. After an hour or so of games, he said he wanted to draw, so we went back up to his play room and drew pictures with dot-to-dot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqdNLCEPb4c vocaltoys.com lesbenerotik.org pornstash.org pornstarteam.org dvdporno.org porn-bluray.com sexfordummies.org sexyshemales.org dublinsex.org sexusa.org vivaischia.com